Saturday, October 29, 2016

And Justice for ALL

"Nothing is ever what it seems but
everything is exactly what it is." - B. Banzai

Have you seen them?

The "Blacks for Trump" signs that are literally popping up behind the Republican presidential candidate as he moves from state to state, hoping to convince enough of America that he is the right choice to lead this country for the next four years.

It's not bad enough that pictures and news videos like this show all or predominately white audiences holding these signs, it's the URL at the bottom of signs that we need to worry about.

According to Right Wing Watch - a project of People For the American Way dedicated to "monitoring and exposing the activities and rhetoric of right-wing activists and organizations in order to expose their extreme agenda," there's more than an attempt at unity behind these signs:
"As it turns out, is the website of a religious movement that focuses on issues such as 'Rockerfeller is Nimrod King of The Canaanites & SAUD The King Of The Ishmaelites Masonic Illuminati Trilateralist Big Banks KKK,'" according to RWW.
This is the bigger issue in this year's election.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mind over matters

"Yes, ALL lives matter
But we're focused on the black ones right now, OK?
Because it is very apparent that our judicial system 
doesn't know that.
Plus if you can't see why we are exclaiming 
'#BlackLivesMatter' - you are part of the problem."

Read this carefully. 

Read it slow; read it twice.

This is not a statement on exclusivity ... it's a call for equality; a cry for justice; it's a simple statement that if read without ANY prior prejudices, is straight to the point.


For those of you who know me, you know hate is not a part of my vocabulary. I see color ... you are a liar if you say you don't ... but it doesn't matter to me. That is until ANY color is being mistreated, ignored, attacked or killed. 

And when several individuals are being targeted - intentionally or unintentionally - and they are all the same color ... Houston, we have a problem.

Tonight ... it's Dallas where there is a problem. On Wednesday, it was Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and then St. Anthony, Minnesota. Last month it was Orlando. And the list goes on.

But when will it stop?

I'm the first person to stand behind the oh-so-popular, knee-jerk response that "ALL lives matter!" And if you're in agreement that all live matters, then you should be able to put your fears, biases, ignorances and/or any other condition that prompts you to reply how important ALL lives are to understand the racism scab has been scratched and is oozing a nasty puss that is poisoning those who are too selfish or too fearful to step outside their own skin to ask themselves, "How would I feel inside another person's skin?"

How would I feel if I was part of one of the LGBTQ communities?

How would I feel as a person of color?

How would I feel embracing a different faith? And the list goes on.

Now ask yourself, "How would I feel being a black person - an African-American individual - this very moment?"

And if you still can't see why we are exclaiming "Black Lives Matter" - you are - sadly - part of the problem.

Thursday, June 16, 2016



The President is on TV right now.

Both Barack Obama and Vice-president Joe Biden are sharing with the media their thoughts and emotions after visiting the families of those who are victims of Sunday’s attack in Orlando.

Forty-nine killed. Another 53 are injured; many still in critical and grave conditions.

I’m half paying attention. I know I should listen intently, but I’m tired of listening.

Tired of listening to details of the attack. Tired of hearing why Omar Mateen did - or why he didn’t - carry out this act. Tired of feeling helpless … tired of all the hate.

Part of me says it’s time to move on. Let’s send well wishes, pray for all involved, but it’s time to move on to our lives and the next big story.

Unfortunately, this has become our lives and it will continue to be the next big story.

Equality, gun control, fighting ISIS and more don’t matter as much as not fearing our lives and the next big story. We all fear something, but when that fear is not conquered, understood and/or not given ANY power, it is one step away from hate.

And hate is just another word for “evil.”

There will always be an “evil” (ISIL, KKK) that is able to gather others to carry out his or her hate and fears.

Take away guns and/or limiting them will only illicit anger and hate, prompting “evil” to use other methods of annihilation.

And on the day when race and ethnicity don’t matter anymore and people can live their lives without sexual-orientated or religious persecution, there will be someone who finds hate in another for anything that makes them different … for something that he or she fears.

My words may sound dark and all doom and gloom, and they definitely don’t flow with my journalistic thinking, but we must push below the surface to where love exists as hate.

"This was an act of terrorism, but it was also an act of hate,” Obama said during the presser. “It’s a time we reflect on how we respect each other … .” 

 We can’t keep “moving on.” Because if we do, we forget how powerful hate - and fear - really is.

We always do.