Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Waiting until tomorrow, may be too late

I was never at risk.

I’d had a couple of blood transfusions years ago, but my sexual activity didn’t put me even near an “at risk” level. And the last time that I know I was tested was during surgery or childbirth - again many years ago - back when it wasn’t kosher to just go out and find out your status.

But I was still afraid to enter the trailer one recent Sunday to get tested.

I think it was because I’ve always been a staunch HIV/AIDS awareness advocate who, fortunately, knew quite a bit about the virus and the disease it eventually morphs into.

It could have been because despite what you know, the stigma that still permeates our society, our cultures and too many of our churches still lurks just over our shoulder.

But it was probably because I know first hand what AIDS can do to a person and his or her family.

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