Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Our nation’s economy: The perfect scapegoat

I waited all week for the news.

And early Tuesday morning the decision was made: Miss California — Carrie Prejean — will be allowed to retain her crown and finish out her reign as our state’s Miss USA representative.


I was poised at the end of my Lazy Boy, like so many other Americans, as the Donald gave us his organization’s verdict. Neither racy lingerie photos nor “miscommunications” between Prejean and her state pageant directors would convince pageant officials that she should be stripped of her tiara.

Despite her vocal support against gay marriage — which I could take in a whole different direction, but won’t — the young woman from San Diego will be able to spend her last six months as queen, waving, smiling and wearing her crown proudly.

Why was the media fascinated with this and so many other stories that some would say are totally ridiculous and a waste of our free TV time?

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