Thursday, January 29, 2009

Interested in a drunken Negro?

No soon after I say "I've seen it all" about something - in this case, someone - I am proven wrong.

The latest is the owner Lafayette French Pastry Shop - an oh-so-popular p√Ętisserie in New York City. Baker Ted Kefalinos has created his tribute to the Inauguration of Barack Obama: "Drunken Negro Faces." The grotesque-looking chocolate-covered cookie is not only raising eyebrows, but also turning stomachs.

I don't know if Kefalinos is racist, ignorant or just plan stupid, but I hope that more people spread the word about the hateful message he is sending to others ... ever-supporting the fact that racism, at all levels, still runs rampant in our country.

Now, I heard that the baker has apologized, but am having problems finding it. And if he did, I thank you Mr. Kefalinos, on behalf of millions of people around the country and world who don't find humor in yours. But your misled creativity hasn't stopped you in the past ... who says it won't in the future?

Check out the video ... send it to your friends ... and if you live in NYC, boycott Kefalinos' establishment. Make this baker stop making, more importantly naming, new items that represent those tiny chisels that try to chip away at the change our country has achieved.

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JCBoricua said...

Hi Michelle - Thanks for circulating this video. I did hear about this jerk, but with work and everything else never saw the video. I will make sure to pass along.