Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Be gay for a day ... at least

What would you do if your favorite store or restaurant unexpectedly shut down for 24 hours? Or maybe as a business owner, all or part of your employee base decided to call in sick?

It’s not sick, but “gay” that people are being asked to call into work today to protest the passage of constitutional amendments banning same-sex marriages in several states, including California, where Proposition 8 has been – and continues to be – a hot debate. Those who participate also are asked to boycott known anti-gay companies.

But for those of you who think this is only about making a gay-rights statement, read on.

Day Without a Gay is not only for the LGBT community. It’s also not about sitting at home doing nada or rallying in the streets to be heard (although there are marches planned, expected to draw thousands).

Organizers of this event – which coincides with today's International Human Rights Day and is similar to past work stoppages by Latino immigrants – are encouraging participants to use their time to “shift our strong feelings about injustice toward service.” Those who call in “gay” are asked to funnel their anger and frustrations about racism of all forms into community service work … beginning today.

Now there’s been talk that those who call in “gay” are in danger of being terminated. And sure, enough people may do it where they couldn’t fire everyone. But if an employer is that insensitive to an employee who has personal or sick time available, aren’t they just as likely to fire you if you don’t show up no matter what the reason?

Take the day off and give of your time. And if you absolutely can’t, remember the real purpose of they day … there are still 364 more before next Dec. 10 to do you part and find another way to give back to your community and support equality for all.

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