Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Same story, different year

In a CNN story today, the news organization reports long lines and empty shelves in food banks across the country.

People are turning out in record numbers to accept all types of donations that will help them and their families have a decent Thanksgiving meal. And I’m sure with our current economic crisis, the same will hold true come Christmas.

The CNN story is one being written and told by big and small newspapers and media outlets nationwide. But why? More importantly, why now?

Don’t get me wrong, helping others during this time of year is – in my opinion – our responsibility as humans. And I understand this year is especially difficult for most. But why does the media choose every November and December to tell these stories?

Being a member of this journalistic group, I know covering this topic is something we, and all interviewed, say is a year-long problem. Yet each year, we wait until now to highlight the problem. That is unless a food bank or shelter shuts down due to lack of donations during the other 10 months of the year.

I know our readers and viewers are more in tune to hearing the message during the holidays, but maybe it’s time they change their thinking.

And maybe it’s time the media help them.

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