Sunday, November 2, 2008

In the beginning...

Once a week didn’t do it for you? Me neither.

I travel the streets of Oakland, San Francisco and other Bay Area cities every day and there is always something I see that I want to comment on, talk about or share with others. And since my Stirring the Pot column only runs on Wednesday in the Globe Newspapers, I felt the need to enter the world of blogging. That way I can share my views, thoughts and opinion whenever I want.

For example, I may want to share about my travels through the East Bay on your friend, and mine, AC Transit. Or the way people treat one another. How about that friend of yours that just drives you crazy, but you love them to death? Yeah, I have a few … family members too. Don’t get me started on the workplace.

And politics? It’s a good thing Election Day is Tuesday … I could write a book of my views on this topic. But even when the chads settle Wednesday (or weeks after), there will be plenty of things, I’m sure, to give my two cents about.

Now it may take me a minute to get into the groove of things, but I hope my occasional to regular posts will make you either smile, laugh, cry, be angry … but more importantly, I hope they make you think.

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